TRIMBLE’s Brain-Computer Interaction Parternship


AEC*(Architecture, Engineering & Construction)

With cutting-edge tools bringing 3D modeling, artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction to construction sites everywhere, it’s not surprising that some are working to unify these technologies and build upon them. Neurable and Trimble are collaborating to develop technology based on brain-computer interface (BCI), which is meant to wire the worker’s brain directly to the computing system for greater productivity.

The companies are using neurotechnology to develop a 2-way feedback loop which they hope will increase productivity and safety in the architecture engineering construction (AEC) and transportation industries.

Neurable is a BCI platform that employs machine learning and neuroscience to create electroencephalography (EEG) applications that analyze interaction and behaviors. Neurable’s goal is to use these interfaces to understand a user’s intentions and trigger useful interaction with them.

In the partnership, Trimble and Neurable will monitor body signals like brain activity and eye movement to improve training, driver safety and high-risk worker safety. The new technology will give insights that will help them to augment the benefits of a simulation and design evaluation, the companies said.

“Collaborating with Neurable is another step forward in our mission to transform the way our customers consume, interact and communicate information,” said Aviad Almagor, director of the Mixed Reality Program at Trimble. “A new interaction paradigm is required to efficiently merge the digital and physical environments. We believe that BCI technology can play a major role in achieving this future.”

It’s not exactly Six Million Dollar Man tech they are working on—but in more than one way, it’s close. Just as electroencephalography can measure brain activity based on events and the brain’s reaction to them, Neurable and Trimble’s tool in development is meant to measure and learn from how workers interact with their environments to help them perform better.

The joint effort builds on expertise each company has developed in this niche. Neurable’s wearable technology enables hands-free interactions based on gaze or gestures, as well as cognitive analytics of those interactions. Trimble’s Mixed Reality Program allows users to harness mixed reality in their projects to improve team communication, data interpretation and collaboration during the design development and pre-construction stages of projects.

Trimble provides training and support on Microsoft HoloLens and Trimble mixed-reality solutions. The company said the partnership is in keeping with its focus on innovation.

“By combining Trimble’s proven history of commercializing emerging technologies with our innovations in neuroscience, together we will explore how we can bring the value of BCI to real world applications,” says Dr. Ramses Alcaide, founder and CEO of Neurable.


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