Getting engineering jobs in oil and gas sector is quite difficult for a fresher. I express my tribute to Mr. Venugopal , former Senior Structural engineer, who has guided me to realize my dream job. I recommend this program ‘Analysis and Design of Offshore structures’ for Oil and gas structural engineering aspirants.

Aswin Mohandas (M.Tech)Structural Engineer, SIDVIN Core Tec h (I) Pvt. ltd., Bangalore

“Highly content driven training program to transform a fresher to practical design engineer. I have great appreciation for the training imparted by CASE. The internship at CASE was vital for me in getting a placement”.

Albert Geordy (B.Tech)Design Engineer, Paradigm, Kochi

“ The practical design of steel & RC structures are instructed in great detail supported by relevant case studies. It was more like an Internship program for me”.

Aleena Elizabeth Biju (M.Tech)Engineer, RWDI Consulting Engineers and Scientists India (P) Ltd, Thiruvanathapuram

“ I had undergone the programme in “Analysis and design of offshore structures and felt this to be extremely useful for new job seeking freshers on offshore-Oil and Gas”.

Vinod Varghese Mathew (M.Tech)Engineer, Petrolink Data Services, Kochi

“The internship program at CASE helped me to understand the concept of practical analysis and design of steel and RC structures”.

Sanjay Babu (B.Tech)Engineer, Paradigm, Kochi

“My prime intention was to get into the basics of analysis and design and joined CASE. The course really proved to be fruitful to me in getting my first job”.

Renjith Sunny (B.Tech)Structural Designer, DGS Technical Services, Kochi

“ I got a thorough understanding of the whole gamut of steel structural design”.

Jens P CyriacEngineer, Nitin Alloys Global Ltd., Silvassa

“The finishing program has helped me to come out of the initial inertia on practical application of design and elevated my confidence to take up the design work independently”.

Amjad Ali E K (M.Tech)Structural Engineer, SV Associates, Malappuram

“ How to idealize the real structure to a mathematical model and its significance in the interpretation of results explained simply with case studies”. This internship reinforced my orientation towards structural engineering

Mohamed Muneer I P (M.Tech)Managing Partner, Planex Structural Solutions, Tirur

“The course provided me a deep insight into practical design of Industrial Steel Structures”.

Sajin Varghese (B.Tech)Engineer, Trimurti Fabricators Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
“ Analysis and Design of offshore Structures’ is very concise and technically oriented for practical designs. It really benefitted me for my first placement”.
Rahul Krishnan R, M.Tech (IITM)Structural Engineer, Cybermarine, Mumbai

“The case studies had given a clear conception of the design process and changed my perception in approaching real problems”

Vishnu J (M.Tech( IITM))Section Engineer, Southern Railway, Chennai

“The internship has helped me in entering into my first job and thankful to CASE for providing the state of the art training in designs”.

Joseph K Sebastian (B.Tech)Design Engineer, Beaver Infra Consultants, Mumbai

“I express my gratitude to the principal faculty Mr.Venugopal, for giving me a real internship experience in CASE which has helped me for my first job as Design Engineer”.

Vinod Roy A (B.Tech)Design Engineer, Beaver Infra Consultants, Mumbai

“The program has reinforced my concepts in practical analysis & design”.

Vijesh Raj (B.Tech)M.Tech Student, NIT, Calicut

“ The program ‘Analysis & Design of Offshore Structures’ is ideal for working professionals seeking a switch over to Oil & Gas. I had undergone the program during my annual leave and it proved to be worth to become a full fledged Offshore Structural Engineer.”

Bineesh N P (M.Tech) Offshore Structural Engineer, Technomak Energy International, UAE

“ The highlight is that a former structural consultant himself is offering the training program and I felt it as a real internship experience”.

Hariram N (M.Tech)Asst. Exec. Engineer, Kerala Govt. Irrigation department

“The program on Analysis and Design of Structures and Foundation system is marvelous and has given a deep insight for me in designs”.

Shan Salahudeen (M.Tech)Asst. Exec. Engineer, PWD

“The training on ‘Offshore Structure Analysis and Design’ is content oriented and comprehensive. It has addressed the inplace and pre-service analysis of structures in much detail and really helped me to approach the platform design independently”.

Sreekumar P (M.Tech, IITM)Project Scientist, National Institute of Ocean Technology(NIOT), Chennai
“The internship program is ideal for a civil engineering fresher and for me it has changed my outlook towards the structural engineering profession”
Sai Nath R (M.Tech)Structural Engineer, CASE Structural Engineers

CASE has given a new dimension in thinking for a fresher like me towards solving real Structural Engineering projects and plainly speaking “was instrumental in my first placement as a structural Engineer”.

Amritha Nair.M.A (M.Tech)Structural Engineer, Steel Dimensions, Bangalore
“A rare existing example of how an institute should be. The world-class professional experience and talent that the faculties posses and their immense potential to bridge the theoretical concepts to practical solutions for challenging real life engineering problems matches that of any premier technical institutions. I would proudly say that the concepts and skills that I gained from CASE plays a pilot role in my International Masters in Structures at University of Bologna, Italy.

This unique centre really stands out in the quality of training and it is really a ray of hope that such talented and motivated personalities are still there, moulding the next generation of finest engineers in our country where any education has turned into a commodity for sale in outlets called training centres with instructors worse than salesmen”.

Atmaram M (B.Tech)Managing Partner, Novel Architects Palakkad, MS(Structures)Student @ University of Bologna, Italy
After M.Tech I have made my mind to go for unpaid internship as it is very difficult as companies are not entertaining you as a trainee and luckily got introduced with Mr.Venugopal. I consider myself lucky that I was also a part of real project and appreciate his patience in explaining things to the minutest detail. Thanking you sir for giving a great internship experience.
Naseeb K (M.Tech)Structural Engineer, ’Al Liwan Engineering’, Sharjah,UAE

It is a good initiative on behalf of ‘CASE Structural Engineers’ to provide internships for prospective young engineers. I felt Structural Internship is a must for engineers who wish to pursue a career in civil structural engineering. I had undergone software training programs from training centres and could learn nothing except elementary modelling features. Engineering is something different from what we had perceived earlier. Making an analytical model closer to prototype and interpreting the results are the key elements in engineering that i got from the internship @ CASE

Muhammed Rafid (B.Tech)Structural Engineer, Proline Engineers and Contractors, Calicut, Kerala

I thought after M.Tech, the only option left with me is to join as a faculty till I came across the internship @ CASE. This period has really changed my outlook on structural designs and helped me in acquiring my first job with a consultant.

Raji Ramesh (M.Tech)Design engineer, Paradigm Consultants, Kochi, Kerala

Structural Internship @ CASE has elevated me to work with Steel design and detailing and was instrumental for my first job

Vishnu T.R ( Engineer, Abtech LLC., Trichur, Kerala
“After working as faculty for a brief stint, I thought of working in design engineering and joined the internship program offered by CASE. This hands on job training exactly in line with the international engineering practices has helped me in seeking a job in middle-east as a structural engineer. I recommend this internship program for all civil engineers who wish to orient their career towards design engineering”
Rupesh Vijayakumar (M.Tech)Structural Engineer, Al Itiq Engineering, Ajman, UAE
” I was working for L&T Chennai as Site Engineer & also worked for a short period in middleeast in site and had a strong desire to shift to design/consultancy office. I myself found out CASE through web and did the structural internship in kollam and also got an opportunity to work with CASE . The interaction and internship co-ordination by the experienced structural consultant has  turned out to be a classic design office experience  which has helped me to join as a structural engineer with Petronash, Chennai”
Madhanesh Ganesh (M.Tech)Structural Engineer, Petronash, Chennai
“Working as a faculty was good, but the instinct was strong to get diverted towards design / Consultancy side. I had resigned and joined the structural internship program with CASE. My interaction with the consultant during the program has changed my outlook towards this stream and helped me finally getting placed with Kirby”
Boby Tharu (M.Tech)Structural Engineer, Kirby Building Systems, Hyderabad
After the B.Tech from TKM kollam, I had done some certificate course programs on CAD  and was working in site for some time. Two years had gone without any value addition till I reached CASE Structural Engineers where I got an opportunity to join as structural intern. We need to do internships in Structural Engineering office itself to understand the project requirements and application in structural engineering. I express my gratitude to Mr.Venugopal who spend more time with the interns in clarifying their doubts and also involve in the structural internship programs
Ajmal Abdul Majeed, B.TechStructural Engineer, Al Berwaz Engineering Consultants LLC, UAE
The Design Internships in CASE Structural Engineers was instrumental in my first placement with EverSendai Corporation.
Harikrishnan, MTechStructural Engineer, Eversendai Corporation, Chennai
I have done Design Internship at CASE Structural Engineers during my M.Tech in BITS, Pilani. This Internship has made my design fundas more clear and could excel in the selection process with LEA Associates, Delhi
Ashfaq Anshad, M.TechEngineer, LEA Associates South Asia Private Limited, Delhi
I have been working as a faculty in an Engineering college for 2 years and will admit that I have gone far from real engineering world. I would say it was my luck to leave the job and join as Structural Intern with CASE Structural Engineers. This Internship in the Engineering office has boosted my confidence and design skills and helped me in securing a job in middle east.
Arun JacobStructural Engineer, NSD Architectural Consultants, Dubai, UAE
This structural internship at indepth level has helped us in pursuing projects independantly
Anwar M.Tech, Nithin D, M.Tech, Shobin shajahan M.TechStructural Engineer, Freelancing
As a structural intern in Steel Design and Detailed Engineering, CASE has oriented me in a new dimension in structural engineeering. This internship was crucial for my first placement with Zamil Steel
Eldo Simon, M.TechStructural Engineer, Zamil Steel, Kochi
The RC and Structural Steel Internships has made my design fundamentals strong to take up structural jobs independently. It has helped me in my first job in RKP Industries
Samih Abbas, M.TechStructural Engineer, RKP Industries Chennai
The Structural Internship at CASE was instumental in getting my first job as a design engineer with paradigm, kochi
Vaishnav, B.TechDesign Engineer, Paradigm, Kochi
As a structural intern in CASE, I gained confidence in executing structural jobs independantly.
Vishnu Mohan, M.TechAssistant Engineer, LSGD, Govt of Kerala
The intense internships on Steel and RC have really changed my domain of thinking in designs and has acquired the job in my first selection interview.
JIJIN SANKAR SS M.TechStructural Engineer, IDES, Pune, Maharashtra
The TEKLA internships on Steel and Rebar detailing in practical perspective has helped me in my first job with Advenser, Kochi
Sebin Punnen, B.TechPrecast Detailer, Advenser, Kochi, Kerala
The selection  in COWI was a multi tier process, mostly gruelling technical sessions. The structural fundamentals gained from the two month internship at CASE Structural Engineers has really lifted me to tackle complex technical sessions during the selection process.
Arun Dinesh M.TechJunior Engineer, Buildings, COWI, Chennai
The steel design and detailing internship was really a turning point in my career and finally got successful as a structural engineer with Morrison Hershfield, a Canadian engineering firm.
Chalat Keshav Menon, M.TechJunior Structural Engineer, Morrison Hershfield, Vizag, Andhrapradesh
The Structural Internship has transformed me to a practical design engineer and also I got the opportunity to work with CASE Structural Engineers for a short period of 6 months. Presently working with Morrison Hershfield, I am categorically assuring that the internship and the experience  I had with engineering team of CASE Structural engineers is really helping me to perform at the highest standards in this Canadian structural firm
Ashok Shaji M.techStructural Engineer, Morrison Hershfield, Vizag, Andhrapradesh
After my literally I had wasted lots of time in doing not so fruitful structural courses till I joined as Structural Intern with CASE Structural Engineers. Though this program is payable  from our end, I would say this experience has elevated me to higher standards of Industrial Structural engineering and was a cake walk for the interview with my first employer and a world class engineering organisation, Worley Parsons. I thank the engineering Team for giving us a lift in my career.
Ijaz Vahid M.TechStructural Engineer, Worley Parsons (WSP), Pune, Maharashtra
I have joined as Junior Structural Intern with CASE after working for 2.5 years in local consultancies. I also got opportunity to involve in Industrial projects in CASE which I would describe as a turning point in my career. My success in the  Interview with Petrofac, Mumbai  is the the real testimony to the value engineering I obtained from CASE. This advanced design internship and real project experience has transformed me to think the structural problems in more analytical perspective.
Rahul K, B.TechPetrofac Engineering India Lid
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