Realizing the vision – “Housing for all”

Affordable housing starts with the design phase itself, an integrated design approach by the Client is very much essential during the early phase of the project, in which the client, architect, structural engineer and the Precaster need to sit together to design the houses in a modular concept. The application of ‘Constructible’ 3D modeling combined with the element of time (4D) and cost estimation (5D), allows greater degree of quality control over estimations needed for Precast construction and closer monitoring and control of costs.

Attend our Webinar on 5’th December 2018 at 3.00p.m to know more about the advantages of Constructible 3D modeling in design phase. Click the link below to register.




Manage your constructible project documentation effectively

When changes are made in the structural model, it is important to identify which documents |drawings require review.

In this webinar you will learn how you can manage all your project documentation using the new Document Manager introduced in Tekla Structures 2018i. In addition, we will show how you can use the Drawing Content Manager to control drawing labels and marks, such as welding visibility and labels. This helps you ensure that correct information is displayed on the relevant views.

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The Latest Tekla Software Developments For Steel Detailing and Fabrication

This webinar focus on  continuous development in welding and bent plates, the new Tekla Structures 2018i  offers and how it lets you do more accurate modeling of complex details than ever.
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Digital Construction in Estimating, Planning and Managing Concrete works

In this webinar, Kristen Erickson from Pepper Construction tells how the use of virtual design and construction (VDC) and building information modeling (BIM) with Tekla software helps them as a self-performing general contractor to improve the budget, schedule, safety and quality in concrete works.




The Latest Tekla Software Developments For Steel Detailing and Fabrication

With continued development in welding and bent plates, the new Tekla Structures 2018i lets you do more accurate modeling of complex details than ever.

The new Document Manager in Tekla Structures 2018i replaces the Drawing List enabling centralized management of all project drawings and documentation in coordination with the model.

To more more details register for our webinar on Tuesday, 4 September 2018




Improving Productivity and Accuracy in Offshore Structural Projects

Join this webinar to learn about integrated workflows between piping and structural disciplines including utilizing data from other systems, for example survey data via point clouds. You will know how Tekla Structures seamlessly interfaces with leading plant design solutions, improving the workflow between engineering teams and other disciplines throughout the engineering and fabrication lifecycle.





Attend the Webinar for More Productive Tools for Formwork and Pour Planning – F.A Wilhelm works faster using Tekla

In this webinar Adam Joraanstad from F.A. Wilhelm Construction explains why they prefer Tekla Structures as a contractor’s tool for formwork and concrete pour planning. He also tells how constructible  BIM-based workflows have reduced the rework and improved productivity when planning and managing their concrete projects. REGISTER for the webinar by clicking the link below



Speed up your plate work with TEKLA

If you do medium or heavy platework projects for different industry fields creating structures such as powerlines, hoppers, environmental bins or containers, or structural ductwork, this is a webinar for you on May 2, 2018. Register for the webinar in the below link:



Webinar on Transmission and Telecommunication Tower

Join the webinar on 12-04-2018 and learn

  • How Tekla benefits tower projects from detailing to fabrication
  • Why Tekla Structures is the most optimized solution for Tower projects
  • The specialized tools dedicated to tower design
  • How is data transferred to automated fabrication


Webinar on Engineering – Tekla’s BIM solutions

Join this 2-part webinar series to understand:

Session I – Planning & Design 

• Conceptual Design
• Collaboration with Architecture plan and MEP
• Structural BIM Modelling
• Static and dynamic analysis of Steel & Concrete structures
• Building Design as per India & International standard
• Foundation, shear wall, slab design
• GA drawings

Session II – Detailing & Site Coordination 

• Detailed BIM modelling of a Commercial building (continued from Session I)
• Connection detail and Rebar detail in the model to get constructible model
• Interface check with Architecture and MEP model to achieve clash free design
• RCC detailing, Quantity estimation & BBS
• Steel fabrication detailing & Bill of material
• Design change management
• 3D visualization & construction simulation
• Site coordination

Sneak Preview of Tekla Software 2018 for Structural Engineering Offices

Tekla 2018 software provides productivity and workflow improvements for all structural engineering tasks.

With the enhancements for general structural design, engineering offices can reduce their risks and add value by minimizing the uncertainty that arises from incomplete and uncoordinated construction documents.

Join this webinar for a peek at the highlights of Tekla software 2018 that help improve structural engineering office business performance.



Engineering Calculation Automation | TEKLA Tedds

Tekla Tedds automates civil and structural calculations, it can improve both engineering productivity and quality: Working becomes more effective than with tedious, time-consuming manual calculations. The solution has a quality assured library of code compliant calculations that are easy to inspect. Users can flexibly create additional calculations and engaging design documents.

Watch recorded webinar on Engineering Calculation automation on Wednesday 10 Jan, 2018.   Register in the link below:


Recorded webinar


Nov 29, 2017

Learn why Precast + Constructible BIM should be your ‘go-to’ construction process

With the ever growing demand on faster project timelines, strict budget boundaries, lesser wastage and improved construction durability, precast technology is increasingly coming into the limelight as a ‘go-to’ option for many construction companies/projects.

In this webinar on Nov 29, we shall showcase how our platform can help you optimize the entire precast workflow using a single solution. Follow the link for registering




Nov 1, 2017

Working on Plant Projects?

In this webinar, you learn how Tekla Structures links successfully with plant design software to improve the workflow between engineering teams throughout the lifecycle of EPC and offshore projects.

Currently, engineering teams working on plant projects face increasing competition and challenges. The pressure to respond to tighter design schedules and quality requirements with efficiency, productivity and better business performance require improved team work and the best tools.

Join our Nov 1 Webinar to find out why Engineering teams think of us when they think about Plant Projects. Follow the link as given below:





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