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Structural Design and Detailed Engineering Internships|Training

CASE Structural Engineers, India  provides ‘Structural Design and Detailed Engineering Internships’ for prospective Civil engineers [B.Tech and M.Tech] by designating them as structural engineer trainees.

Most of the young engineers are quite ignorant about the structural engineering work flow in a project and how the design and detailed engineering department caters to the requirement of the project.

The structural internships are tailored to elevate them to have an entry in major engineering organizations. To be successful in design office entry in companies executing major projects, it has become inevitable for the engineers to be involved in the structural engineering workflow of projects and also competent in analysis and interpreting results with a sound knowledge in  National and International system of codes and specifications viz., AISC, ACI, BS-EN, AWS & IS.

The program engages fresh engineers in an intern mode imparting state-of-the-art-analytical know-how to develop core competency in ANALYSIS, DESIGN & DETAILING of STEEL / RC STRUCTURES & FOUNDATION SYSTEMS. Engineers are equipped to undertake the entire structural design engineering of RC and Steel structure independently in line with the requirements of corporate engineering firms through our flagship internship co-ordinated by the senior engineers in the organisation.

The details of the internship offered by our engineering department are as follows:

Internship on Industrial Steel Structures – Analysis, Design & Detailed Engineering (Role: Structural Engineer -Steel |Intern)

Internship on Multi-storied Reinforced Concrete Structures – Analysis, Design and Detailed Engineering. (Role: Structural Engineer-RC | Intern)

Internship on Steel Detailing Engineering (Role: Structural Steel Detailer | Intern)

Internship on Rebar Detailing Engineering (Role: Structural Rebar Detailer | Intern)

CASE STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS is also designated by TRIMBLE India Ltd as TEKLA Centre for Excellence in  Steel | Precast & Rebar Detailing in India. Our Engineering office is licensee of STAAD.Pro, TSD Finite Element Structural Analysis, TEDDS Connection Design, TEKLA Structures, AutoCAD LT. Sign in the link below to get more details of Structural Internships.


Some Frequently Asked Queries

Q(1) Is this Internship Free or Chargable.

Ans.  This Internship is charged as considerable amount of man-hour is  spent by the Principal/Senior engineers on the Internships. These charges are subject to variations based on number of  structural Interns attending per session.  We also provide fee waiver for Engineers with high academic credentials. For Internships we have engaged 8 seats. You can reach our office in the below address to know more about Internships.

Q(2) Do you offer employment after completion of internships.

Ans. CASE Structural Engineers do not offer any employment on completion of internships. The essence of this internship is to elevate the engineer to merge with the structural engineering workflow of major engineering firms. Engineers are trained to handle the projects independently. After the Internship, Engineers themselves need to find jobs by proving their proficiency. The Internships and Training section of CASE offer job placement assistance viz, improving the technical communication skill of the engineer by conducting mock-interviews with the Principal/Senior Engineers, Introducing major companies in the domain and  Technical CV generation. 99% of our interns are placed in corporate engineering organisations and the testimonials of few of them are posted in the link  | TESTIMONIALS

Q(3) Can I start projects independently after the Internships.

Ans. These internships will equip the young engineer to work under a Senior Lead Engineer for major projects without any initial training. The interviews are mainly focused on this aspect that the concerned engineer (candidate) shall be well versed with the structural engineering work flow and shall judiciously apply into practice the theoretical know-how.

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