Students pushed BIM boundaries with BlackSea-TORM

Students of Karadeniz Technical University in Turkey won the student category of the Tekla Global BIM Awards 2018 with the concept design of BlackSea-TORM Expo fair building. The structure is in the shape of a windmill as a nod to the need to increase sensitivity towards sustainability and alternative energy sources. The curved surfaces covered with transparent panels add spaciousness and modernity. The design, which includes parking, exhibition and respite areas, consists of two floors in total.

The project aimed to model a structure that is challenging to create manually in Tekla Structures. To overcome this, students used Tekla Structures with other programs.

For example, students created the challenging freeform structure with parametric modeling software. The team created a plugin called “GrTekla” in the .NET environment using Tekla Open API to transfer the parametric model to Tekla Structures. Thanks to this plugin, they could make a link to share the updated model data, making it easy to transfer the desired freeform model to Tekla Structures.

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Optus Stadium: Agile BIM project completed ahead of schedule

Optus Stadium located in Perth, Australia is one of Western Australia’s highest profile and most eagerly anticipated developments. The project team completed the stadium three weeks ahead of the schedule. The project is the winner of the Best Sports and Recreation category of Tekla Global BIM Awards 2018.

Project parties:

Owner :State Government of Western Australia, State Project Team
Managing Contractor : Multiplex
Engineering : Arup​​​
BIM Management: PDC Group

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Luminary: Clash-free construction with model-based collaboration

Luminary, located in Finland, is a multiform high rise building with very strict tolerance demands. The challenges have to do with its complexity and the number of elevations, tall building methods, and the changing wishes of future residents. Success relates to model-based design and collaboration as well as sharing and utilizing model data on site. Luminary is the winner of the commercial category of Tekla Global BIM Awards 2018.

Project Particulars

The building encompasses:

  • 188 apartments
  • 1000m2 commercial premises and underground garage
  • 21 floors and 70.52 meters tall
  • the project is to be completed in March 2019.

PEM partners

Owner, General contractor and BIM coordinator: Skanska Oy
Structural design and precast concrete detailing: A-Insinöörit Suunnittelu Oy
Geotechnical and acoustical engineering: A-Insinöörit Suunnittelu Oy
Architect: BST-Arkkitehdit Oy
MEP design: Optiplan Oy
Sprinkler design: Caverion Suomi Oy
Concrete contractor: Betonirakenne Oinas Oy
Precast fabrication: Parma Oy
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BrIM* chasing new highs in India

Chenab Bridge project parties
Client: Konkan Railways Corporation
Main contractor: Chenab Bridge Project Undertaking
Principal designer: WSP Finland
Structural designer: WSP Finland & Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner
Third-party inspector: Flint & Neil

Chenab Bridge, located in northern India, is being constructed as part of the new Baramulla – Srinagar – Udhamptur railway and is one of the highest (by deck height) and longest-spanning railway bridges of its type in the world. Due to the enormous scale and complexity of this project, *Bridge Information Modelling (BrIM) was a prerequisite from the client and consequently, Trimble’s Tekla Structures software has been used in the BrIM process. Learn more from the following link.

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How the Museum of the Future is stretching the limits of structural engineering

Project Client: Dubai Future foundation & Employers representative MERAAS
Architect: Killa Design
Structural Engineer: BuroHappold
Cost Consultant: AECOM
Main Contractor: BAM HIGGS & HILL
Steel Fabricator: Eversendai L.L.C.

Eversendai performed the project’s BIM implementation and coordination, connection design, shop drawings, erection engineering study and stage analysis, workshop fabrication drawings, supply, fabrication and erection of structural steel works. With the power of TEKLA BIM, Eversendai were able to successfully handle all of these responsibilities efficiently, accurately and on time.

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Double wall details

Double wall details tool creates optimized detailing for double walls. Tool combines different detailing tools together in order to have the most productive detailing with all needed dependencies.

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Tekla BIM Awards 2018!! Vote now

Some of the most fantastic projects have signed up for this year’s Tekla India BIM Awards and its now time for you to be a part of the competition! Voting is live now so start voting for your favorite projects so they don’t lose out! One lucky voter will receive a branded 10,000 mAh PowerBank!  Vote now in the following link

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Mordovia Arena with unique structures accurately delivered for World Cup 2018 with TEKLA BIM

The Mordovia Arena built in Saransk for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia involves unique geometry and a large number of welded joints in a short timeline. Local steel fabricator Belenergomash delivered the challenging project right on time with the help of Tekla BIM software. Click the below link to Learn More.

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BIM: Getting with the times

BIM(Building Information Model) has become a standard execution strategy, incorporated into the work processes and procedures for every  project. (Learn More).

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Point Cloud Models- Structural Engineering Benefits from Digital Construction Technology

Learn how Holmes consulting has used 3D Laser scans and generated point cloud models to synchronize the As-built information and proposed expansion to critically review to avoid unpleasant surprises and costly delays in Projects. Click the below link to know more…

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What’s the Difference Between 3D CAD, BIM and VDC?

The confusion regarding CAD, BIM and VDC is a case in point. The most frequently heard question regarding BIM from those unfamiliar with the process is: “isn’t that just 3D CAD?” Similarly, VDC is often mistaken for BIM and vice versa. To some degree, it all depends on which technology or process a user has first become familiar with. To those that are up to speed with all three, however, the distinctions are quite clear. To understand more….Click the link below



Tekla Developer Center

  • It is your easy one-stop-hub for all Tekla Open API material
  • It contains API reference, programming guides, exercises, code examples and much more

With Tekla Open API you can:

  • Customize Tekla Structures functionality to fit your projects
  • Speed up your daily activities by recording and automating user interface actions
  • Increase productivity in modeling and drawing creation
  • Move from manual routines to automatic actions
  • Integrate Tekla Structures to other software
  • Create intelligent 3D products and tools for building product manufacturers

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Better drawings, faster production

The Improvements and new features in TEKLA make working with GA drawings faster and more convenient, allowing you to avoid errors. For more details connect to the link below
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Efficiency Tools: Undo History, Work Plane Handler and Select Previous Objects in Tekla Structures

In this video we introduce 3 new commands to help you be more efficient in Tekla Structures 2018.

1. Undo History – All the commands that you have run and the modifications you have done are now listed in the new Undo history dialog box. By selecting a command or an action in the Undo history dialog box, you can undo or redo several commands at one go, and thus go back and forth in the model history.

2. Work Plane Handler – Use the work plane handler toolbar to select which work plane you currently have in use in the model. You can switch between the different saved work planes and base points.

3. Select Previous Objects – Sometimes you need to re-select the same objects that you selected previously but have then deselected. For example, you have selected some objects and moved them, then you have deselected the objects, and now you want to copy the same objects. This command makes that easy to do.
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Stonehenge Co., Ltd Jump Starts BIM – the Smarter Way of Working

As the building industry progressively moves towards Building Information Modelling (BIM), engineering firms of all sizes are now adopting design and analysis software that offers comprehensive and intelligent tools to support the conceptualization, planning, detailing, creating and guiding of their projects. In South East Asia, one such firm is Thailand based Stonehenge Co., Ltd (Stonehenge). Their adoption of Tekla Structural Designer has seen significant gains in efficiency, accuracy and collaboration. Click the below link
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Wooden skyscrapers could be the future for cities | The Economist

Wooden skyscrapers are an ambitious and innovative solution to the problems posed by urbanisation. Not only are they faster to build, they have smaller carbon footprints than high-rises made of concrete and steel.

Concrete and steel are costly to produce and heavy to transport. Wood however can be grown sustainably and it’s lighter than concrete. And crucially, as trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide from the air, locking it into the timber. One study showed that using wood to construct a 125-metre skyscraper could reduce a building’s carbon footprint by up to 75%.

Regular timber isn’t malleable like steel or concrete, and isn’t strong enough to build high. But engineers have come up with a solution. It’s called cross-laminated timber, or CLT for short. CLT is light and it’s comparable in strength to concrete and steel. See more in the video link given below:
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Tekla Project Viewer?

The Tekla Structures Project Viewer configuration provides an affordable solution to accessing the complete Tekla model. Use the Project Viewer to extract reports, drawings, and CNC data, or to apply and track project status information on the parts. Colorize the model based on this status information or use the model for scheduling. The Project Viewer is perfect for general contractors, erectors, and fabricators; or anyone needing to use the model for project management without requiring a full modeling license. Watch the video in the below link:

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What’s the key to success in engineering?

Attention, engineering graduates! Simon Iversen, Business Area CAD/BIM-Manager at WSP Construction Design, shares his insight on success in engineering. watch the video: :

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The Olympic Gangneung Ice Arena: Beautiful sports structure built with Tekla BIM technology by Trimble

Trimble, a global leader of construction, 3D and BIM technologies, announced that its BIM software, Tekla Structures, was applied to the design of Gangneung Ice Arena, one of main stadiums of 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games. The innovative technology of 3D modeling-based Tekla Structures played a crucial role in minimizing errors in the entire process from designing complex steel structures to the fabrication and installation, and completing construction within a short period of time. Learn more
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TEKLA Structures Steel Estimating Workflows

In this video we take a look at combining many of the tools in Tekla Structures to illustrate different ways to use the Tekla model for structural steel estimating. We review using PDF or IFC files, automatically applying connections, and generating reports or exporting to MIS software to leverage the Tekla model from the very beginning of your project.




BIM, constructible data will transform industry

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VolkerWessels and Trimble Working Together to Drive BIM Technology Innovation

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Jan. 9, 2018—Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) and VolkerWessels, a leading construction firm and global player in the field of information and communications technologies, announced today a strategic relationship to standardize VolkerWessels’ projects on a key set of Trimble construction technologies. The collaboration is designed to leverage each company’s core capabilities to advance innovations in Building Information Management (BIM) technology and improve the management and predictability of building construction and real estate projects.

As part of the collaboration, Trimble will closely work with VolkerWessels’ stakeholders to gather real-world feedback for continued innovation in BIM-centric construction. In addition to the purchase of Trimble construction technologies, the collaboration also includes professional and integration services performed by Trimble and Construsoft, a Trimble integrator based in the Netherlands.

“Trimble excels at putting construction data to work,” said Marinus den Harder, director of construction and real estate development at VolkerWessels. “Trimble’s data-centric approach to BIM provides us with analytics and business intelligence that we can use to extend our competitive advantage.”

Trimble provides a broad range of technologies for civil and building construction management. With a full range of tools and construction-ready modeling to manage construction activities and team collaboration, Trimble solutions enable customers to improve productivity and achieve operational excellence. Using Trimble Connect™ software as a central collaboration platform, plus Trimble ProjectSight™ for construction management, VolkerWessels will further streamline the sharing of construction models, data and project information between key project stakeholders.

“Our close collaboration with VolkerWessels enables both companies to innovate while driving greater value in the design, build and operate phases of construction,” said Roz Buick, vice president at Trimble. “We greatly value this key customer relationship enabling us both to seek insights for buildings, infrastructure and real estate industries.”

About Trimble Buildings 

Trimble Buildings provides the widest breadth of technology solutions for managing real estate portfolios, optimizing building construction projects and streamlining workplace operations. Trimble solutions are tailored for each phase of the building lifecycle—from the initial survey to design, construction and operation—and enable stakeholders such as architects, engineers, contractors, building managers and property owners to gain agility and insight. With the industry’s only construction-ready BIM and full range of tools and content to streamline team collaboration, Trimble solutions make data from complex projects more meaningful and actionable to improve productivity and achieve operational excellence.

For more information visit:  buildings.trimble.com.

About Trimble

Trimble is transforming the way the world works by delivering products and services that connect the physical and digital worlds. Core technologies in positioning, modeling, connectivity and data analytics enable customers to improve productivity, quality, safety and sustainability. From purpose built products to enterprise lifecycle solutions, Trimble software, hardware and services are transforming a broad range of industries such as agriculture, construction, geospatial and transportation and logistics. For more information about Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB), visit:  www.trimble.com.


Bolting Tips in Tekla Structures

Check out this video to see some tips & tricks for bolting in your Tekla Structures model. See examples of how to create manual bolt groups including: basic bolting through two plates, bolting through a tube, create staggered bolt or stud groups, etc.
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Welded beam cutting and linking down to HGG Beam Cutting Machines

In this video, Mick Hodgson from Tekla explains how you can model beam structures inside Tekla and correctly export them to an HGG Beam Cutting Machine. During this training ‘Welded beam cutting and linking down to HGG Beam Cutting Machines’, Mick Hodgson will show where the best components for welded beam connections can be found inside Tekla.

Also there will be a demonstration on alternative ways to model cuts for beam cutting machines as well as a demonstration on files checking and viewing DSTV files in the HGG DSTV Viewer. Concluding this training, Mick Hodgson shows how the files are imported into HGG ProCAM, showing the cutting paths and the final result.Follow the link to read more about this
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Set aggressive targets for timely completion of projects

While Trimble has just formally launched its railways portfolio in India, some of their products are already in use with several rail and metro projects across India. Rajan Aiyer, Managing Director, Trimble India and SAARC region, feels the company can help Indian Railways achieve its targets within time. In conversation with The Hindu Business Line Mr.Aiyar tells ” Trimble’s construction solutions, led by Tekla Structures, enable the construction of new structures including railway stations and bridges, on time and on budget”.

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Paul Wallet, Trimble Regional director with Middle East Business Review

On the need to focus on heavily in introducing Construction specialized solutions to the key areas of construction verticals and how TRIMBLE advances technologies supporting the delivery of leading projects. If you are interested in Infrastructure/Construction profession Read more in the below link.
Trimble Edge


Construction Computing Award for the Structural Design Product of the Year 2017 for TEKLA STRUCTURAL DESIGNER(TSD)

Understanding the challenges  in the construction and structural engineering industry is why TRIMBLE is dedicated to improving their software continually to provide customers with products that support the delivery of projects on time, at a lower cost and with less material wastage. Read More in the following Link “TEKLA News”

Yas Marina Circuit -F1 venue to final straight by modeling:

Organizers of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix won their race against time not least thanks to efficient building information modeling by engineering office ICW. The Formula 1 event turned out one of the most spectacular sporting occasions of 2009, and the Yas Marina circuit is so impressive that it has been voted as the F1 Track of the Year.
TEKLA BIM-Yas Marina



Tekla Structures Learning is fully functional Building Information Modeling software for engineering and construction students to use for self-learning, school projects, and course work. Read more about the usage, available languages, and limitations of Tekla Structures Learning.

Estimate, Plan and Manage! The most complete constructible information management solution for concrete contractors. Download your free license at

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A step-to-step guide designed for you to grasp the basics of Tekla Structures? Join the community, start learning for FREE and know more about STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING, STRUCTURAL DETAILING AND CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT at
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